Website Consulting

To fully understand how well your website is performing, we suggest performing a thorough website audit.

Green Own Consulting can audit your website, analyzing these three success factors:

1) On-Site Optimization – this helps determine if your website is being seen by search engines and it gathering the greatest amount of leads/inquiries needed. On site optimization can include Search Engine Optimization Audit and a Content Audit of your website.

2) Off-Site Optimization – An audit of your Search Engine Optimization off of your site is vital for gauging your website’s performance with search engines through backlinks. High quality third-party links are considered extremely important to Google. Off-site Optimization can include a social media audit to determine if your social media is effectively driving more traffic to your website. Off-site Optimization is as important to search engine algorithms as the content on your website.

3) Competitive Analysis – An audit may also include a thorough competitive analysis. What are your competitors web rankings in key areas compared to you? What are they doing successfully – and could you also do it? What are you able to do or offer that puts you ahead giving you a distinct competitive advantage?

Green Owl Consulting can provide a comprehensive website audit and provide a report detailing current performance and recommend strategies that will help your site perform more powerfully.

Contact us to talk more about your website and what an audit can do for you.