Social Media

You already know that Social Media Marketing (SMM) is no longer an option for you. Your business must engage in social media as part of your overall marketing and sales strategy in order to have a voice in a conversation that is already taking place among your customers and prospects.

Social Media Marketing provides a wonderful opportunity to join in conversations with your customers and demonstrate your willingness to be responsive to their needs, concerns and opinions. The benefits to your business are tangible:

  1. Increases your brand's exposure
  2. Drives more traffic to your website through engaging content
  3. Increases leads and sales. Want proof? See this report. Starting at page 19
  4. Builds business partnerships
  5. Improves your search rankings

Social Media Marketing is a long-term commitment that must be consistent. And that's the key reason many businesses do not have a sustained social media strategy.  It takes a great deal of time to learn, build, monitor, tweak and sustain a solid, effective social media effort to build your online reputation.

Green Owl Saves You Time and Money

That's why so many business owners prefer to outsource this important marketing strategy to the experts. Green Owl can completely manage your social media for a fraction of what you would pay if you hired a dedicated employee. Not only will you get the benefit of hours upon hours of time back in your life, you get the expertise of experienced professionals who know exactly how to manage this for you. Which means you'll get results!

What can Green Owl do for you?

  • Green Owl will develop and post regular social content to your preferred channels
  • Manage your Social Media Advertisement campaign including writing copy, testing ads and reporting
  • Green Owl can act as an "real person" who can reply and interact with customers who communicate to the company through social media.

Contact us today and let's get started!