E-mail marketing is a tested, proven method for generating traffic to your website and continues to be an extremely effective vehicle for engaging prospects and customers with personalized messaging that fosters trust, strengthens relationships and builds your business.

We recommend developing an e-mail campaign plan, or calendar, with a regularly-timed communications that will deliver useful content and information your target audience wants to read.

If you're a B2B business, your e-mail campaign might focus on business tips, special reports, a quarterly business newsletter or important industry news, events or webinars. A consumer facing (B2C) business might feature product promotions, special sales, new products, store openings or hours, or even special events. Green Owl Consulting can help you develop the right content and cadence for your unique business.

Because e-mail is controllable and measurable, it's a great way to test messaging and determine which subject lines and content are the most effective at generating click-throughs to your website.

Important E-mail Considerations

  1. Consistency - Creating a calendar of pre-planned communications sent on a regular schedule will keep your business and your brand top-of-mind with your customers.
  2. Frequency – Don’t overdo it! Ask customers how frequently they wish to hear from you.
  3. Permission – Make sure your customers and prospects have opted in to receive your e-mail communications so your emails are not considered SPAM or get blacklisted.
  4. Call to Action – Make sure each communication contains something valuable your customers will want to respond to: An offer, a contest, useful content they want to click-through to read.
  5. Subject Lines – Test subject lines to make sure they get your e-mail opened!
  6. Headers – Images mostly get blocked from the viewing pane, so make sure your header is interesting and compelling so that recipients will open the e-mail and allow your images to be shown.

Green Owl Consulting affordably offers you the following e-mail services and support:

  1. Campaign Planning: We will work closely with you to discover your goals and recommend e-mail tactics for meeting those goals. Together, we'll establish a consistent e-mail marketing schedule based on your business needs including topics and timing.
  2. E-mail Template: Green Owl will develop an e-mail template that complements your brand and will write e-mail copy for you.
  3. Execution and Reporting: We will send e-mail campaigns out on your behalf and provide full reporting on the results, including how many were opened or viewed, bounces, click throughs, opt-outs, and more.

A Word About SPAM

We've been asked by many clients why they can't just email their customers directly from Outlook or their own e-mail program. The simple answer is this: you'll become known as SPAM.

Internet Service Providers (ISP's) will tag your computer's address as SPAM if they see that you are sending the same exact e-mail to multiple addresses. This will get you blacklisted and unable to e-mail your database. ISP's do this because hackers intentionally infiltrate individual e-mail accounts for the specific purpose of sending out SPAM e-mails. If this happens to you, it can take a while to remedy the situation. In the meantime, ALL e-mails you send will be rejected as SPAM. This is not good.

Use a Third-Part E-Mail Vendor

Green Owl sees many advantages in favor of using an e-mail vendor to handle your e-mail campaigns. Third-party vendors use their own servers and with very high bandwidth, freeing up your website's bandwidth usage so that it continues to run as smoothly as possible.

Third-party e-mail vendors also have the capability of maintaining your e-mail database of hundreds or thousands of names and e-mail addresses, tracking opens, click-throughs, unsubscribes, bounces, non-existent addresses, etc. They'll maintain your list for you.

Finally, they are generally pretty affordable, offering monthly plans that include all the tracking and reporting services mentioned above.

Contact Green Owl today and let's discuss your e-mail marketing goals.