Blogs and Social Sites (collectively called Social Media) have matured into reliable, proven online strategies for building your business.

If you are planning to publish a blog for promoting your buisness - congratulations! Blogging is an outstanding way to promote your company's expertise - and yourself - without harsh selling.

We've worked with WordPress, a popular open source website creation tool for years. While it started as a blogging tool, it’s grown to become a pretty solid content management system (CMS) that is completely customizable. We've also found it to be one of the easiest for our clients to use as well.

And best of's free!

Let’s talk about what you’re looking to accomplish. We’ll review all your options together and help you select the best  solution to meet your needs. Contact us today.


While social sites such as Facebook are largely regarded as the venue for personal communications, many businesses have found them perfect for communicating with their customers more effectively, in a less formal environment.

Many potential customers of your business will look to Facebook as an introduction to your company - specifically, your company mission, culture, or personality. Social sites are not used to "sell" or "push" sales. Rather, they help establish a familiar place for customers to interact informally with a company. A well-managed social media campaign can build your company's credibility and reinforce your brand and image.

Green Owl can help you establish, maintain or strengthen your social strategy with Montage Social Media or we can develop a customized strategy.

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